Open Source City is exhibited in Italy

We are honored to have our publication Open Source City: Art and Technology Experiments in Platform4 be a part of the art exhibit Pulsazioni (and the supporting Pulsazioni Collection Project), which is organized by Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma (Fine Arts Academy) in Rome. The exhibition is focused on new media art and the way…

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Lifting the veil on our next book project: Sneum’s Kalejdoskop

After a few months of work it is now time to lift the veil on our next project: “Sneum’s Kalejdoskop” (Danish title) is the vision of creating a multimedial book publication, which accounts for legendary Danish music journalist Jan Sneum’s journey through music history, and via his memoirs presents a unique segment of Danish music…

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Exploring the future format for books

How can books become platforms of collaboration through community building and open licensing? ‘Made With Creative Commons’ is a book publishing experiment that explores this question. It is clear that our information digestion patterns have changed dramatically in the recent 20 years with the advent of the Internet: information is abundant, cheap, fast-paced and, as…

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