Ditte Ejlerskov’s “The Rant” explores the future format of the book (+ launch event info)

It is with excitement we can announce that we are contributing to the publication of contemporary artist Ditte Ejlerskov’s new book, “The Rant,” in collaboration with Ejlerskov, Forlaget Aftryk, and web3 work collective Korridor. Inspired by the Internet’s vast amount of so-called fan-fiction, ie. literature written by dedicated fans based on established artist’s works, contemporary…

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New book in the pipeline: Reclaiming Technology

We are excited to announce the first bulletin about our next book release, a non-fiction book titled ‘Reclaiming Technology: a poetic-scientific vocabulary,’ which offers unsual perspectives on technological developments. Reclaiming Technology is unique as a genre of general-audience oriented academic writing and comprises numerous short contributions from a prolific international academic collective based in and…

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Made With Creative Commons now also in Norwegian

Made with Creative Commons, by Sarah Hinchliff Pearson and Paul Stacey, which we published back in 2017 was shortly thereafter translated into Indonesian and Spanish by local groups in Indonesia and South America, respectively. This was easy for them since the book was published under an open Creative Commons license that allows anyone to freely…

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