Made With Creative Commons now also in Norwegian

Made with Creative Commons, by Sarah Hinchliff Pearson and Paul Stacey, which we published back in 2017 was shortly thereafter translated into Indonesian and Spanish by local groups in Indonesia and South America, respectively. This was easy for them since the book was published under an open Creative Commons license that allows anyone to freely modify, transform and reuse the content – including translating it.

Since then we are also happy to learn that there is a Nordic translation, since a Norwegian group of Creative Commons enthusiasts, lead by Petter Reinholdtsen, has made and published a Norwegian translation of the book.

On top of this there are actually more translations on the way, including in Germany, Portuguese and Chinese. You can follow the development of all translations on this overview page. There you can also contribute actively to the translation work. The translations are made with the free software tool Weblate which makes it easy to take part, even if you do not have a technical background.

Read the Norwegian translation Download the Norwegian version as a free pdf, read it for free online as html – or buy it as either an epub or paperback version at Lulu.