The TagTomat book has been nominated for a Danish Design Award

It is a great honour that the ‘TagTomat – Værktøjer til grønne fællesskaber i byen‘ book, which has been created by TagTomat founder Mads Boserup Lauritsen, has been nominated for a Danish Design Award in the Message received category. We are super proud to have contributed to the publication of Mads’ book and its design quality, which is hereby being commended. This goes also for all the contributions from authors and in particular for Thomas and Stefan from Rama Studio, who is responsible for the epic layout – as well as Narayana Press, who printed the book. TagTomat specialize in producing local solutions, products and design of high quality, and therefore nominations like this one add extra motivation to their mission of creating sustainable, green communities in cities.

See the nomination on the Danish Design Award website.