Our new publication, Reclaiming Technology, is out today + book reception

Today is the day when we excitedly announce the release of our latest publication, “Reclaiming Technology – a Poetic-scientific Vocabulary”. The book is now available at all Danish bookstores, as well as in our webshop.

This unique work is designed to inspire new ways of thinking, creating, and intervening in the world of technology. By opening up the framework of what technology can be through various creative writing styles, the book offers a fresh and novel perspective. The book is an easily accessible academic work, rooted in an ethnographic approach known as STS (Science & Technology Studies) – a tool for exploring the relationship between technology and society.

“Reclaiming Technology” consists of 36 short essays, to which the editors, Associate Professor at ITU, James Maguire, and Professor at DTU, Brit Ross Winthereik, invited colleagues from their research network to contribute. The authors were asked to analyze and creatively problematize exciting aspects of their technological research, but with a broad focus that could include objects, processes, crafts, infrastructure, concepts, or interventions.

The result is a collection of critical and experimental texts that speak to and about technology in a multitude of ways. While some contributions deal with traditional technologies such as machine learning, blockchain, data centers, disruption, data, numbers, and infrastructure, others explore essential areas where technology plays a crucial role in various ways – such as laboratories, migration, borders, carbon, oil, water, and the environment.

We are marking this release with a book reception for invited guests and friends of the house at the IT University of Copenhagen from 3 to 5 PM. For further information, you are welcome to contact us.

Read more about the book in our webshop – and purchase the physical edition or download it for free as an e-book under an Open Access license.