Open Source City is exhibited in Italy

We are honored to have our publication Open Source City: Art and Technology Experiments in Platform4 be a part of the art exhibit Pulsazioni (and the supporting Pulsazioni Collection Project), which is organized by Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma (Fine Arts Academy) in Rome.

The exhibition is focused on new media art and the way young artists interact with new technologies. Within the exhibition space, a display of journals, magazines, books and various digital materials will provide the audience with further insights into the history of new media art. 

The Pulsazioni Collection Project aims at collecting and exhibiting this material for didactic purposes, and ultimately to enrich the Fine Arts Academy library. The collection will bring together international and interdisciplinary publications ranging from the 1980’s to the present. Our research for the PULSAZIONI Collection Project focuses on diverse typologies of material published on various supports (DVD, CD, paper, web) that have – or had – a large diffusion, a strong impact on the media art world and communities, and high quality content.

Read more about the exhibit here.