Ditte Ejlerskov’s “The Rant” explores the future format of the book (+ launch event info)

It is with excitement we can announce that we are contributing to the publication of contemporary artist Ditte Ejlerskov’s new book, “The Rant,” in collaboration with Ejlerskov, Forlaget Aftryk, and web3 work collective Korridor.

Inspired by the Internet’s vast amount of so-called fan-fiction, ie. literature written by dedicated fans based on established artist’s works, contemporary artist Ditte Ejlerskov and Forlabet Aftryk publish the book “The Rant” on February 23, 2023. This happens in collaboration with us in Ctrl+Alt+Delete Books as well web3 work collective Korridor.
This book invites readers into the writing process. The goal – alongside publishing a really interesting book with an edge – to get readers to join the co-writing of a new, collective version of the book.

“Online right now we are seeing a blurring of the author and reader roles. A lot of readers are creating new content based on the worlds created by their favorite authors and artists. The Internet has made it possible for readers, who are fascinated by author’s works, to experiment with writing new fiction to share with other fans. The result is the emergence of new literary and visual environments. It is a really exciting development, which redefindes the relationship between sender and receiver.”

– Majken Overgaard & Christian Villum, Korridor

The book, which is being published and which is being opened for rewriting, is called “The Rant” and is an artistic reaction to the development of blockchain technology. A new technology that makes it possible to exchange knowledge and data as well as assign ownership in fundamentally new ways. Ditte Ejlerskov is a Danish artist, who works a lot with technology in her art pieces. In the book, she talks about these experiences and expresses a vision which connect our physical and digital worlds. It shows the path towards a possible future in which our soul and body is as much a part of the technological revolution as the emerging, decentralized Internet.

The digital book is published by Ditte Ejlerskov and Korridor and gives access to three exclusive online events to be held in March 2023. Here 100 owners of the digital version NFT are invited to take part in writing the next version of the book, which will contain these contributions additions and revisions.

Alongside being published on February 23 in a conventional paper version, it is also published digitally on the blockchain as a non-fungible token. This token allows buyers to join the co-writing process.

When is a book finished?

The book evolves around technology and in the writing and editing phase the collaborators kept discussing whether the content would become outdated too soon, since technological developments evolve to rapidly. The dream therefore became to update the content of the book continuously and make “neverending” versions, which react to the development over time. This grew into the desire to published more versions online, and invite readers into the engine room of the writing process. When the collective co-writing process is done the book will be republished digitally with rights – and profits – shared among those to contribute to the process. Maybe this is the way we’ll published in the future, collectively and in eternal motion?

Launch event

The book is published a conventional paper form by Forlaget Aftryk, and both the physical and digital book is launched in Kunsthal Nikolaj in Copenhagen on February 23 from 4-6 pm.
At 4.30 pm the doors open and artist/author Ditte Ejlerskov can be heard in conversation with Majken Overgaard from Korridor, moderated by Christian Villum from Korridor – who also runs Ctrl+Alt+Delete Books.

About the parties

Ditte Ejlerskov is a Danish visual artist who works primarily with large-format painting, focusing on weaving canvases or hand-painted color gradients, which function as chromotherapy. Ejlerskov also works with textiles, 3D printed sculpture, installation, and different forms of digital art – including virtual sculptures, which challenge traditional notions of ownership. Her recent “Wrestler” NFT is a “global public sculpture” licensed to the public domain, enabling wide access to the source files, which gives the work a life of its own in our shared digital space. Her other NFTs are contracted as 1/1s, unique artworks. Ejlerskov’s works have been exhibited in institutions internationally.


Korridor is a web3 collective with members Majken Overgaard, Rune Brink Hansen, and Christian Villum. It seeks to explore, test, and tell stories about all the exciting opportunities for digital art that are gaining ground on the global web right now. The focus is put on everything that expands the possibilities for online culture and art – from blockchains, web3, and NFTs to metaverses and immersive XR technologies.

Korridor does not just think about these terms as mere technology but as cultural phenomena that will profoundly impact how our society will see and experience culture and art in the future. As a subset, Korridor is curious about exploring the new economic opportunities that artists and the cultural world face.

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