Anthology about artistic freedom is now available

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that ‘Should I, Should I Not,’ an anthology about artistic freedom, is now available. It can be bought in all Danish bookstores, on Amazon, and in our webshop.

What is artistic freedom? Something you take for granted in the Nordic countries? Yes, most people would probably say. But perhaps this is not the case at all? After all, does freedom really feel completely free when you as an artist need to please large foundations or well-established museums? How do you express yourself artistically in hyper-sensitive times? And in which direction is art moving towards in a digital age?

This anthology explores artistic freedom through a wide variety of texts. All contributors are concerned with the topic – each in their own way – ranging from the legal and practical aspects to the personal and experiential. Like a kaleidoscope, the anthology illuminates different ways of looking at the subject.

The book is available in both Danish and English versions, and is edited by Eline Sigfusson and Signe Wulff.

Read more about the book – or buy it – in our webshop.