Crowd-distribution of Made With Creative Commons for libraries of the world

At the recent Creative Commons Global Summit in Toronto, Canada, all conference participants received a copy of ‘Made With Creative Commons‘. But moreover approx. 400 books were made available for crowd-distribution for the event participants: To bring one or more copies back home to give to their local library. Additionally, it was encouraged to take a…

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Made With Creative Commons: Out now!

Today we publish ‘Made With Creative Commons’ – a book about sharing by Paul Stacey andSarah Hinchliff Pearson from Creative Commons. ‘Made With Creative Commons’ is about sharing textbooks, music, data, art, and more. People, organizations, and businesses all over the world are sharing their work using Creative Commons licenses because they want to encourage the public to reuse their works, to…

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We are at Creative Commons Global Summit this weekend

This weekend we have the pleasure of taking part in Creative Commons Global Summit, an event which every second year gathers the global Creative Commons community for a conference of challenges and opportunities for sharing – and which this year puts a focus on our coming book “Made With Creative Commons”. Creative Commons is a global network which…

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